Balmaadi Estate

390.00Inc. of all taxes 250G


Varietal: Selection 795, Catimor, Kent
Processing: Natural Processed
Estate: Balmaadi Estate
Region: Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
Altitude: 4500-6500 feet
Farmer: Ms. Unna Thiagarajan
Roast: Filter


Our second Natural processed coffee after Araku Valley!

Balmaadi Estate was established in 1840’s and is now led by Unnamalai Thiagarajan and several dedicated staff and workers. The coffee is grown at an elevation of 4500-6500 feet above sea level which makes it one of the most high grown coffees in the country. Balmaadi Estate grows one of India’s finest Arabica coffees using both bio-dynamic & organic methods of agriculture with the annual rainfall ranging 40″ – 80″ in the area. With their major crop being mostly Arabica coffees they also grow crops like Tea, cardamom, stevia and various fruits. The different Arabica varieties grown at Balmaadi Estate are Selection 795, Cattimor & Kent.

The practises followed are different organic, Vedic and Biodynamic cultivation methods to produce the coffees and has been awarded as the winner of Flavour of India and  Fine Cup Award twice for India’s Best Arabica coffee.

It produces a complex and winey cup with floral undertones.