Kent from Balanore Plantations

340.00Inc. of all taxes 250G


Varietal: Kent Cultivar
Processing: Fully washed
Estate: M.S. Estate, Balanore plantations
Region: Koppa, Chikmagalur, Karnatka
Altitude: 3700 feet
Farmer: Mr. Ashok Kuriyan
Roast: Filter


Kent cultivar was developed in erstwhile Mysore Estate during colonial era in 1920s and was popular for it’s resistance to “coffee rust”. It was widely grown in Kenya and other east African countries. Most of the original stock was destroyed bysubsequent wave of “coffee leaf rust fungus” and coffee berry disease, but some heirloom trees still survive.

We bring you this rare coffee from M.S. Estate of Balanore plantations; Mr. Ashok Kuriyan has carefully curated these tall coffee trees that produce a really balanced cup highlighted by sweet tanginess of black currant with notes of caramel and bittersweet dark chocolate.

With amazing balance, this coffee is equally delicious on filter as well as espresso.