Merthi Mountain from Badnekhan

350.00Inc. of all taxes 250G

Varietal: Cultivar Avanti
Processing: Fully washed
Estate: Badnekhan Estate
Region: Basarikatte, Chikmagalur, Karnatka
Altitude: 4500-4600 feet
Farmer: Mr. Prem Kuriyan
Roast: Filter


Coffee from Merthi Mountain is back with new harvest ! This time we have preferred Avanti Cultivar over the award winning SL 9; grown by a passionate coffee farmer Mr. Prem Kuriyan on the slopes of Merthi Peak, which is the second highest mountain peak in Karnataka.

Avanthi cultivar has an aroma of chocolate and caramel with floral hints. It’s sweet on palate with notes of dark chocolate, peach, plum and prunes. Has a very clean finish with sweet aftertaste. We found it even better than SL9 varietal which was loved by customers; go ahead and explore this new offering.

Badnekhan Estate is one of the finest coffee farms in India carefully curated by quality conscious, coffee loving Mr. Prem Kurian.

It is part of Balanore plantations and extends upto an altitude of 4600 ft and most of the coffee is shade grown. Entire chain, till coffee is packed in grain-pro bag is controlled by Mr. Kuriyan and his approach towards cultivation, picking and processing is focused to improve the cup quality. It is not surprising that this estate has always featured on the map of best Indian coffees and has set new standards in developing flavours of Indian coffee.