Kiambara from Kenya

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August 29, 2019
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Kiambara from Kenya

After Konyu it is Kiambara AA from the same region, Nyeri County of Kenya, though we were in love with Konyu but we found this coffee even better and delicious.

Kenya produces some of the finest coffees in world and this one is no exception. There are crisp notes of blackberry, raisins and cacao with a bright floral-fruity aroma, this coffee shines in filter brew. On our new Loring S 15 falcon, we are able to develop this coffee fully without letting char mask any of the flavours. So go ahead and extract all the goodness from this amazing Kenyan without bothering about over extraction.


Kiamabara factory was established in 1995 following the split of the much larger Mathira F.C.S.It is affiliated to the Mugaga farmers’ cooperative society. There are now around 3,000 active members of this factory and each member has on average around half a hectare of land for coffee growing alongside macadamia, beans, banana and maize.

Kiamabara Coffee Factory is located in the town of Kabare in the Gichugu division,Mathira East sub-county, Gachuki location in Nyeri County also near near Karatina Town, and together with Gatina it comprises the Mugaga Farmer Cooperative Society (FCS).

This coffee has an interesting flavour profile belonging to this region that we are excited to showcase.

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