Konyu from Kenya

Kenya produces some of the finest coffees in world and this one is no exception. There are crisp notes of black currants, berry and raisins with hint of honey which shine in filter brew. On our new Loring S 15 falcon, we are able to develop this coffee fully without letting char mask any of the flavours. So go ahead and extract all the goodness from this amazing SL34 without bothering about over extraction.

Konyu Coffee Factory is located in Central Province, Kirinyaga County in Kirima location of Gichugu Division near Kerugoya town. It was established in 1962 and rests on a 7 acres piece of land serving Kangumuiyu, Riakiwa, Atomba, Mukarara and Ngenya Villages. It is affiliated to Kabare Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd. Its membership currently stands at 1271 which 1071 are active farmers while 200 are inactive farmers. The most unique aspect of this factory is that it located on lower zones.