B. R. Hills

390.00Inc. of all taxes 250G

Varietal: SLN 9, SLN 795 and Chandragiri
Processing: Washed
Region:  B. R. Hills
Altitude: 4000 – 5000 ft
Roast: Filter


B. R. Hills is one of the most sought after coffee grown by the “Soliga Tribals” in Biligiriranga Hills Tiger Reserve, Karnataka.

We are featuring this coffee on our web-shop with the tasting notes of Hazelnut and Pear with a sweet aromatic finish.

The Soliga tribals in Biligiriranga hills were dependent on forest produce but now they have taken up coffee cultivation in the tiger reserve. The Soliga used to practice shifting agriculture but could not succeed due to the menace of wild boars and other wild animals, which regularly raided their lands.

There are about ten hamlets in this region with around 1500 families, whose livelihood has revamped after they started cultivating good quality coffees and pepper using the organic practices. This natural and organic way of cultivation comes with a price. If a farmer gets 800 kg per acre from a coffee farm elsewhere, these tribal farmers can just get 100-120 kg. Moreover, the harvesting of the coffees in BR hills is difficult as Soligas have to carry over 40 kg harvested coffee on their heads through forest pathways around 15kms before reaching the main road.

We are glad that this tribal coffee made its way from the hamlets of Biligiriranga Hills to our roastery.