GACHATHA – AA, Kenya Espresso



Varietal: SL 28 & 34
Processing: Double Washed
Country: Kenya
Region: Thegenge, Nyeri, Central Province
Altitude: 5900- 6800 ft
Farmer: Gachatha Farmers’ Cooperative Society
Roast: Espresso
Weight: 250g

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Super bright yet sweet; loaded with black currants and dried fruits with a sweet chocolate finish.

This more developed, one shade darker version of our Filter Roast has a slightly subdued brightness with more dried fruit notes. But we would never kill the sweet tanginess of a delicate Kenyan, so be ready for that lip smacking tangy sweet candy to hit you from the very first sip and let the sweet dried fruit linger on your palate as you finish.

For straight espresso we recommend a ratio of 1:2.5 pulled in 27-30 seconds.

We use 18g coffee for every shot ending in 40-42g of espresso.

Add milk to it and the almond note becomes prominent.

We enjoy it on a flat white where we add around 110 gram of whole milk to a 40g espresso shot. Add any more milk and you may miss out on fine dried fruit notes.

You can enjoy it very much on French Press or Moka Pot, both with and without milk.



Coffees from rich volcanic soils of Kenya are always our favourites. This year we had received 12 samples from Kenya from the harvest ending in December 2020. Cupping these high quality coffees from Africa is always a delight as all samples were loaded with goodness and we picked these bold beauties from Gachatha Factory for you.

These bold sized AA beans shine in your cup as it gets filled with sweet and floral aromas with distinct notes of cane juice and berry like dried fruits. Details notes shall follow soon.

Kenyan coffees are gold standards in terms of quality and the impeccable quality control during harvest, washing, drying, curing and packaging always stands out. It is a delight to roast these coffees and every barista/ home brewer pauses to admire the uniformity of roast that translates into a complex sweet candy like cup.

We love Indian coffees but when these brothers from mother Africa walk in, we can simply bow in awe. There has to be some reason that we air lift these wonderful coffees and pay 100 percent duties on cost and freight of these already expensive top grade specialty coffees. Not to mention the struggles to get it cleared through ever harassing plant and quarantine department. But we believe that certain things are worth trying hard for and this coffee certainly is one.

About The Farm

Situated in the Central Province of Kenya, Gachatha is located in the slopes of the Aberdare mountain range, about 150km north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

More than 1000 farmers with small holdings bring the sweet fruits of their toil, ripe cherry to the factory, where it undergoes wet processing to remove the skin and the coffee along with pump is fermented overnight. Following day these beans are washed in water channels as workers sing in Swahili and move in a dance like rhythm. This washed coffee is again soaked under water (that’s why Kenyans are called double washed or at times double fermented) over night and is dried on raised beds. Drying may take 7 to 15 days in total.

The nearest water source is the Kangunu stream, and the factory is dependent on electrical pumps to move water to reservoir tanks before using it for processing. Water is also recirculated for conservation. The factory is using a disc pulper with three sets of discs to remove the skin and fruit from the inner parchment layer that is protecting the green coffee bean.

The factory is receiving assistance from Coffee Management Services (CMS). The long term goal is to increase coffee production through farmer training, ready access to inputs, Good Agricultural Practice seminars, and providing the most current printed materials on sustainable farming.