Ratnagiri Espresso



Varietal: SLN-9
Processing: Washed
Country: Ratnagiri Estate
Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Altitude: 3700- 4300 ft
Farmer: Mr. Ashok Patre
Roast: Espresso
Weight: 250g

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Ratnagiri washed coffee has always been a constant for our House Blend – Bison but earlier it lacked complexity to be served as a single origin espresso. However, this year is different, on our request, Ashok was able to provide a batch from his Sln -9 block unlike previous years when it got mixed with Catuii and Catimor. With crisp sweet-brightness of tropical fruits and notes of pepper, round body and clean finish, this coffee is a delight on espresso and works well with milk as well.

Go for a 1:2.1 to 2.3 ratio for straight espresso shot and 1:1.8 to 2 for milk beverages with a brew time of 27-30 seconds.

For filter brews, you may like to go with a ratio of 1:16 to 17.


Ratnagiri Estate at times also known as Pearl Mountain Estate, is the first estate we started to work with when Neeraj made his trip to Chikmaglur in 2014, December before starting our first Café in Sept 2015.

Mr. Ashok Patre’s grandfather planted this plantation in the beginning of 20th century. It’s a wonderful tale how that gentleman used to travel on bullock cart through rainforest in Mulangiri range. His hard work and passion can be seen through this meticulously planted estate and how Ashok and his coffee enthusiast wife have taken it to another level. Few years back, most of the coffee from this estate was being sold as commercial coffee like most other plantations of the region. 2015 onwards Ashok has focused on improving the standards of coffee and results are outstanding.