If you are not one of our wholesale customers, the only way to place an order from Curious Life Coffee Pvt Ltd is through our webshop. Curious Life Coffee Pvt Ltd retains the right to refuse customers. If amount has been transferred to us before an order is declined a full refund will be given, such condition can arise due to unavailability of a particular coffee or delivery address being out of FedEx delivery areas and it shall be informed to you within 24 hrs of placing the order. By placing an order and giving credit card details on our secure server, the customer is bound and contracted to complete the sale unless Curious Life Coffee Pvt Ltd decides otherwise. These terms do not impact a consumer’s statutory rights.

Wholesale customers can place orders through e-mail to curiouslife.coffee@gmail.com or through phone +91 141-4032456; orders on phone are acceptable only for our registered wholesale customers, if you are ordering for first tome please mail us.


Though we provide ground coffee but we strongly recommend that to enjoy full range of coffee flavours you must buy whole beans and grind just prior to the brewing using a coffee grinder.

We always send the freshest coffee available. Coffee needs to degas (approximately 3-4 days for manual brewing and 6-10 days for espresso machine), the shipping time usually acts as a buffer, meaning your coffee is (nearly) ready to enjoy upon arrival. We seal coffee bags in air tight bags fitted with one way valve within 6 hrs of roast to preserve freshness of coffee, it is best to consume within one month from the date of roast, however if stored properly coffee tasted fresh even after 90 days from roast.


We ship though FedEx Priority Service to all major cities across India and there is a flat rate for every 500 gram slab.

For our wholesale customer are shipped through FedEx Economy Service and exact shipping cost is calculated according to the weight, volume and destination. The cost is added to your invoice.


We ship your order as quickly as possible. Our roasting is generally scheduled on Sunday and we ship coffee on Monday with some smaller batches moving out on other days. Coffee is generally delivered within 48- 96 hours of shipping. Unfortunately there are some pin codes which may not be covered by FedEx and we shall inform you through mail if your address falls outside the delivery area; in this case we shall cancel your order and provide full refund unless you are willing to accept delivery at an alternate address within the FedEx delivery area. Wholesale orders through Fedex Economy service may take 5-7 days.

At present we do not ship outside India.

Refunds & Returns:

Every batch is of coffee is carefully roasted adhering to a profile that is best suited to that particular coffee and is cupped for quality and flavour checks before it is dispatched. No returns or refund will be accepted once order has been roasted and shipped. If there is any complaint, you can write to us on curiouslife.coffee@gmail.com. For best flavour profile we recommend that you buy whole beans and grid just prior to brewing and consume the coffee within a month from date of roast.

Brewing equipment can be returned within 14 days from the day of sale if these are in unused condition and original packaging is intact. Shipping charges for return shall be borne by the customer.

Refunds for cancellation are initiated within 48 hrs from the time of notification, refund for return of brewing equipment is initiated once received by us. The amount of time it takes before the money is credit back to the customer’s account depends on the clearing cycle of the customer’s bank.


We accept payment through Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Net Banking, Paytm other wallets and UPI.

Privacy Policy:

At Curious Life Coffee Pvt Ltd we respect your privacy. This policy explains when and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website, or sign up to receive our mailings, how we use this data and keep it secure.

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Curious Life Coffee Pvt Ltd will never share or sell your information to a third party. If you have any questions about the data we have about you, please email us at curiouslife.coffee@gmail.com and we shall provide you that information.